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5 Liters GBL Cleaner

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10 Liters GBL Cleaner

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20 Liters GBL Cleaner

A clear, water-soluble liquid with a moderate, recognizable odor is known as gamma-butyrolactone (GBL).

In chemistry, GBL is a typical solvent and reagent that is also employed in some wet aluminum electrolytic capacitors, as well as for flavoring, cleaning, and the removal of superglue, among other uses.

It is used recreationally to create effects akin to those of alcohol and acts as a prodrug for GHB in humans.

GBL Wheel Cleaner

In terms of industrial applications, GBL wheel cleaner offers a wide range of applications.

One of them is to act as a precursor in the production of pyrrolidone. Due to its strong solvency characteristics, chemist use gamma-hydroxybutyrate cleaner as a solvent for polymers and cellulose acetate.

Other uses include the production of pharmaceuticals and pesticides. You can buy GBL from our online store with confidence knowing that we don’t collaborate with any vendors who produce the drug illegally.

Even in countries with strict laws on gamma hydroxybutyrate cleaner, we try to abide by international norms and always offer discreet shipping. We object to utilizing this product for amusement.

Avoid buying GBL online from merchants who portray GHB as GBL. We do offer both, but as two different products entirely.

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