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gbl wheel cleaner

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10 Liters GBL Cleaner

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20 Liters GBL Cleaner

A water-soluble liquid with a light, distinguishable fragrance is GBL Wheel Cleaner. GBL is a common solvent and reagent used by chemists. In some wet aluminium electrolytic capacitors, they also use it. Other uses include;

  • Flavouring, 
  • Cleaning, and 
  • Removing super glue.

It is abused to produce effects related to alcohol and functions as a prodrug for GHB in people.

GBL wheel cleaner Applications

GBL wheel cleaner has a variety of industrial applications available. One of them is to serve as a precursor in the pyrrolidone manufacturing process. . Pharmaceutical and pesticide manufacture are among more uses.

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